Madina Masjid, 128 St George's Road, Bolton, BL1 2BZ

Diploma in Islamic Studies

The Diploma in Islamic Studies course is designed to benefit, appropriately challenge and empower the minds of our youth with a satisfying depth of knowledge and understanding for the young, aspiring and committed seeker of knowledge.
Studying the Islamic Sciences at an advanced level aids the development of one’s understanding of the commands and prohibitions of Allah جل جلاله ,as well as the understanding of what has been revealed to our Beloved Prophetﷺ.


Learning Outcomes:
This course aims to enable our youth to:
• gain a depth of contextualized knowledge of Tazkiyah or Self purification that is applicable to contemporary dilemmas facing the youth of today.
• provide a focus on the enhancement of acts of worship driven by a clear understanding of the far-reaching, holistic benefits.
• empower conviction and a sense of social contribution as practicing young Muslims, seeking to make a positive impact or social change.

Join us to gain a healthy level of advanced Islamic knowledge to enable a greater understanding of islamic rulings, refraining from the prohibited and striving towards the preferred in seeking the pleasure of Allah جل جلاله

By undertaking this course, students will benefit from the practical  elements of learning about the Journey of Man and how this is contextulised in modern day life.