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Put your knowledge into practice

The aim of UK Academy of Islamic Sciences is to develop and build the character of each student on an individual basis so that he/she becomes someone who has the most beautiful relationship with his Creator, Allah the Almighty and his Beloved Prophet Muhammad

and become a means of mercy for all of the creation.

The revolution of love and change comes with one person at a time so that each person becomes a beacon of love and hope for another and so the ripple effect begins. Learn not to get lost in merely learning for the sake of learning or debating. But, learn to just become a true Muslim and eventually people will begin to love Islam again.

As one of the wise have said, and remarkably fitting to this blog, is the beautiful saying, be like a tree, fruitful wherever Allah has planted you.

If you would like to begin your journey to please the Almighty and improve and develop your character, then feel free to register your interest today so you can together with the help of your tutor begin your Journey to the closeness and pleasure of Allah the Exalted.